Simply Sentiment LITE Microsoft Excel add-in

Simply Sentiment is our popular Excel sentiment analysis add-in that allows you to create a (positive or negative) numeric score for each item of text based on the sentiment being expressed within that text.  This is great for analysing customer feedback, social media comments, product reviews or any textual data where an opinion is being expressed.

Unlike every other sentiment analysis tool on the market today, with Simply Sentiment, your data never leaves your computer so it is totally secure.  We have built the sentiment analysis algorithms directly into the add-in so no cloud processing is used.  We also don’t charge you per item of text processed so there are no hidden costs.

To grab your totally free copy of Simply Sentiment LITE, fill out the form below and we’ll send you a download link and installation instructions.  Simply Sentiment LITE has been designed to allow you to evaluate our sentiment algorithms without any risk or time limits, before buying one of our paid plans (BASIC OR PRO).

As well as allowing you to process much more data, our paid plans have additional features such as automated dashboards and the ability for you to create your own custom sentiment rules.